Boulevard Banners / Pole Banners:

Attractive looking displays to enhance the streets of your town or city during promotional dates and/or events.

Please provide PMS Colors for all colors used in the design.  We will try to get as close as possible to the PMS Color during the CMYK conversion. 

Standard Banner Specs
• 18 oz Opaque Vinyl.
• 24" Width x 36" Height.  (We also provide custom sizes.)
• Double Sided
• Full Color Banners.
• 18 oz Opaque Vinyl.
• 3" pole pockets (Top & Bottom).
• Grommets placed below the pole pocket (Top & Bottom) corners closest to the pole.

If you would prefer Sunbrella Fabric Banners instead of 18 oz. Vinyl Banners, then all banners will be screen printed.  This process does not allow full color graphics and the price increases per color used in the design.

Sunbrella screen printed banners and 18 oz. Vinyl printed banners will last about the same amount of time.  Both are for long term projects and when stored properly will be look great for years.

When storing banners, roll up the banners trying not to make any creases during the process.  Then store the banners in a sealed box that is stored in dark cool room.

Our bracket install system is designed to withstand all of the elements! Its unique base design fits square, round and multi-sided poles!
• Made of rust-free cast aluminum with fiberglass arms.
• This amazing bracket system, accepts banners up to 24 square feet.
• Fits square, round and multi-sided poles and has a 1" cant to keep banner taut.
• Perfect for parades, festivals, holidays, city events and showing community pride.

Install Kit Includes
• Fiberglass Arms w/Cast Aluminum Bracket.
• End Caps.
• Tie Wraps.
• Pins.
• Rings.
• 40" Stainless Steel Bands.


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