LED Digital Signage will help increase your sales.  Target passing traffic and increase impulse purchases with an on-premise LED video display.  According to the SBA, retail businesses who added message centers enjoyed average sales increases of between 15% and 150%!

The average cost to make 1000 impressions (CPM) on customers as they pass your business is less than 10% of the cost to reach them using any other advertising medium, including TV, radio or newspaper.

To get a high resolution, vibrant color, long lasting and high end looking LED display sign, you need to pay for the higher performance and quality. Buying a low performance, low brightness LED display is a short term solution. It may look good in the first several weeks or months, but will it still have the same brightness and use performance two or three years later. Thus the money saved from buying a less expensive sign may have to be applied in a serious upgrade of that sign's brightness levels or even more dramatic, replacing the entire sign. As the sign brightness degrades over time, so will your company's image start to look a little less bright. Buy right the first time - buy Optec.LED Displays where the message is the medium:

Envision Series
Full Color RGB
Gray Scale

Impact Series
Full Color RGB
Gray Scale

Infinity Series
Full Color RGB
Gray Scale

Digit Series
Digit G3 Cash Credit Changer
Digit G3 Gas Price Changer
Digit G3 Time and Temperature

Optec Displays uses state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to create outdoor text message centers and video screens for various applications including electronic billboards, pylon displays time and temperature signs and gas price changers.

The main driving force behind the rapid market growth is it's effectiveness as an on-premise advertising medium. LED displays have the ability to change messages instantly and indefinitely. LED sign owners have the advantage of being in on going direct contact with their customers through their sign messages. Thus the signs become more attention grabbing and are able drive more new business for display owners.

Business owners and outdoor advertising companies of LED sign systems are already experiencing great success with this new way of advertising. Some business owners even claim they get sales increase better than advertising in newspaper ads, direct mailers, print signs or other conventional advertising mediums.
Ask Yourself, "What does my LED sign say about my business?"
What type of display sign to get?

Monochromatic, color or video display - choosing the LED best for your business.
• If you are dealing with simple text message, price changing or time and temperature displays, a simple digit or monochrome text message center would suffice for your display needs.  Motels, convenience stores or a gas station owner who deal with on going price changes and vacancy information prefer a one - three line monochromatic message center.
• If your sign messages are image oriented with graphics, icons and video imagery, a full color display will better represent your business look. A sports bar showing sports highlights, a shopping center advertising upcoming events, or a movie theater showing trailers from forthcoming films all do the same thing; bring customers to your business.
Viewing Distance and Speed.

The distance between your sign and its viewers is the number one factor in determining the type of LED display you will need. Longer distances require less resolution and shorter distances require higher resolutions. In addition, if you are traveling at 55 MPH on a freeway, and the sign is 600 feet away at a truck stop, the text letters must be at least 20 inches tall to be legible.

Likewise, if you are standing 60 feet away from a street level sign, the letters need only be two inches tall to be legible. The rule of thumb is that you need 1 inch for every 30 feet of viewing distance.

Character Height

In addition to the discussion of viewing distances, it is important to know that at least seven rows of diodes are required to make one text character. For multiple lines of text, it requires an eighth line as a separator. This means that for each line of text there needs to be eight rows of pixels, and that those eight rows together measure the required character height.

In other words, if you need three lines of ten inch text characters, you need to have 24 rows of 36 mm pitch pixels to get the proper character height. Of course, you can always use a higher resolution display and combine lines to make bigger text letters.

What about the message content on my display?

Transfer your business expertise to communicating specific messages to attract your customers' attention. A good word, an inspirational thought for the day, new sales specials, you're a keyboard click from keeping in touch with your customers on an ongoing basis.

Your business image. A good display tells who you are.

LED displays are an on-premise advertising medium, and intended to direct nearby traffic flows into your business location. Once you install an LED display outside your business location, it becomes part of your business image. LED displays add a high tech, modern feeling to your business location and help influence 'impulse stops' from passing motorists to do business with the store beneath the sign.
Speedy customers. Are your customers passing you by?

In advertising with any outdoor marketing medium, make sure your audience can easily notice and read the messages on the display.

When purchasing and installing an LED display, identifying the viewing distance between your audience and the proposed display location is very important.
Sign location is everything on roadside location. The sign's angle of view, and the amount of time allowable to read the sign messages are important determinants in how your LED sign is placed on location.

A long viewing distance requires careful though in size of text, pitch of LEDs, and display time per message. The below table is a quick reference to tell you what kind of pitch is ideal for certain viewing distance as well as how much time your audience will have to read the messages on the display.

When choosing display size and creating messages, it is also important to factor in the speed your audience will be traveling. The best message content is short and sweet. Long text messages are usually have read. It is always a good idea to fit the key information of a message into 1 frame that stays still for several seconds so the audience can finish reading the whole message in one glance.

Government Regulations On Sign Use

In many states and cities, there are regulations governing the use of an LED message center. In certain urban centers, moving messages or video clips may not be permissable. In planning any new sign installation, it is important to talk to your local LED display dealer for assistance in interpreting your local municipal sign codes for regulations about what the kinds of displays that can be put up in public and roadside locations.

Optec Displays See The Light of Day

Getting your customers' attention and getting your messages across is the first step in any form of advertising. A boring, non-attention grabbing advertisement will not grab your customers' attention, no matter how effective the marketing message is. A low price, low performance (low brightness, poor readability) LED display can be a big expense with a low return on attracting new customers or bringing in increased sales.

When someone is trying to sell you a display at a low price, it is important to compare their sign's performance with products from established manufacturers such as Optec during daylight before you make the purchase. Think about how many of your customers will miss the messages you are trying to tell them if your display underperforms.

Optec Displays is more than a sign, it's also a brand with a level of product quality, technical service, customer support and a warranty to guarantee you getting the best LED sign products and corporate support for the entire life of the sign.

To help in your decision about the best LED display for your business consult with our Optec sales representatives for selecting the most suitable displays for your application.


A pixel (short for picture element) is an image component of an LED display's overall resolution. The more pixels used to represent an image, the higher the resolution is to offer greater picture quality. In an LED display, a pixel can consist of 1 or more LED diodes. A monochrome or grayscale LED display pixel has 1 or more LED diodes of the same color. A color LED display pixel either has LED diodes of different colors or 1 single diode which contains semi-conductor chips that emits lights with different colors.

Pitch is the distance from the center of a pixel to the center of an adjacent pixel. Pitch is very important because for the same display area, the pitch determines the resolution of the display. For smaller, tighter pitches, you have more pixels per unit area thus a better resolution. Selecting the right pitch when you are purchasing an LED display may save you money as well as getting you the appropriate resolution for your particular application. Please feel free to contact your Optec sales or tech rep to help you select the right pitch for your display!

Matrix Resolution

An LED display's matrix resolution represents how many pixels there is on the display. A display with a matrix resolution of 320 (h) by 480 (w) means it has 480 pixels from side to side and 320 from top to bottom. The higher the matrix resolution is, the better an image is represented on the display. As we discussed earlier, for a fixed display area, selecting a smaller pitch will increase the matrix resolution of the display which means better image quality.

Hybrid Pixel

The Hybrid pixel technology is one of Optec's signature technologies. It was the first hot swappable LED display pixel of any kind in the US market and is still the leading technology of its kind. Unlike most of the other manufactures who just soldered their LED diodes on the surface of their display or modular units and cover them up with epoxy coating, Optec utilizes this more advanced and expensive technology to ensure our product performance is superior. Each Hybrid pixel unit has a mini circuit board inside and individual gold plated pin connecting the unit to the display surface. This makes replacing damaged LED pixels extremely easy. Also, what makes Optec's hybrid pixel unique is not just the hot swappable part, but the surface design of the hybrid unit. Instead of 1 single horizontal glare protection louver over a huge quantify of LED diodes, Optec was the first company to use individual louvers for each LED diodes, creating maximum glare and reflection protection as well as contrast enhancement and light focusing. The uneven display area surface as a result of utilizing the Hybrid pixels further enhances a display's contrast under direct sunlight. For more information, please call your Optec sales or tech rep.
RGB Display

Red, green and blue (RGB) are the 3 basic colors human eyes can perceive. By using an appropriate combination of red, green and blue intensities, many colors can be represented. An RGB display simply means it's a full color display. However, how many colors can be shown on an RGB display depends on many factors. Two of the most important factors are the input data signal quality and the display's color processing ability. For example, if the input video signal only has 8-bit of information per color, no matter how many colors your display controller can process, the display will only show 8 bits of shadings per color. Optec's current full color display controller can process up to 16 bits of information per color, that's total of 281 trillion gamma corrected color levels. However, most of today's video input signals are less than 10 bits per color. Therefore the actual color depth showing on an Optec LED display is only as good as the quality of the input signal.

Generally speaking, an LED diode will quickly lose about 20% of its initial brightness after the first 2000 hours of use. After that, the LED diode's brightness only degrades at a very slow and unnoticeable rate, until it dies at the generally estimated lifetime of 100k hours. This unique degradation curve is the result of the nature of semi-conductor chips. When shopping for an LED display, it is important to keep in mind that the manufacturer's claimed display brightness will drop about 20% after 2 to 3 months of operation.

NIT- Unit of Brightness
NIT is the brightness measurement unit the industry usually uses to calculate the brightness of an LED display. It is calculated as the following:
NIT = cd per pixel * pixels per m2

LED Diode Density
LED diode density is a good indicator for comparing LED display performance, given using similar spec LEDs. Just like your car's engine, more cylinders generally mean more power.  More LED diodes per unit area generally means higher brightness thus better performance.  Optec's vision has always been helping its customers to build/increase their business.  Because of this, Optec has always been sacrificing its profit margin and using more LED diodes from only the best LED manufacturers to ensure our customers have the brightest attention grabbing advertising medium outside their business location.  A low brightness, unreadable LED display will not help you increase your sales because it's less likely for your customers to notice and read what you have to say.

LED Diode Binning

The brightness rating of an LED diode is usually expressed in a range instead of a certain NIT value. This is because the core of LEDs diodes are made from semi-conductor chips thus even the best LED manufacturers in the world can not control and guarantee that diodes manufactured within the same batch have exactly the same brightness. Therefore LED manufactures have to separate their diodes into bins of similar brightness. When a LED display manufacturer makes an LED display, it is important to use LED diodes from the same bin in order to maintain brightness uniformity. As some of the leading LED display manufacturers in the world, Optec uses LED diodes from the same bins when making a display. We only use top quality/brightness bin LED diodes from top LED manufacturers thus the LED uniformity of an Optec display is always guaranteed among the highest , if not the best in the world. We know when a customer installs an LED display at their business location, it becomes part of their business image. We only want the best for our customers!

Viewing Angle

Diodes can put out a single, narrow beam of light like a flashlight, or they can output a wide array across a room like a light bulb. Diodes output about the same amount of light no matter what type they are - but the "high-beam" diodes with a narrow angle focus more light into one small spot, whereas the "wide angle" diodes spread their light across the horizon. So, if you were to stand in front of a sign made from "high-beam" sdiodes with narrow viewing angles, you would see an extremely bright sign if you stood directly in front of it, but the minute you walked away from the small spot light of its focus, you would see nothing but black.

With wide viewing angle LEDs, the image is visible in consistent brightness and uniform colors throughout the entire viewing range of the display. Optec media only uses wide angle 1400 LEDs to maximize audience exposure, maintain the highest color accuracy and extend reading times. Maintaining brightness across a wide spectrum also requires greater light output, which is why Optec Media uses a higher LED diode density than any other manufacturer in the industry.


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