Lighted Signs w/ Faces:

We offer indoor & outdoor lighted signs for your retail locations.  All Lighted Signs are U.L. Approved and professional made in the USA.  We take pride in our work and it shows in the results.

Acyrlic Sign Face Types:
Flat Faces
Pan Faces
Pan Embossed Faces

Flat Faces:
Applying vinyl to flat acrylic sheets is very popular. This is a very useful application in many cases. But, some caution should be used when dealing in this area. It is not recommend using a flat face when the lamps in the face will be closer than 4" from the sign face. With the lamps being too close to the face you might see the image of the bulbs, plus the heat factor can cause problems to the face. It is also not recommend using flat faces in cases where the dimensions are greater than 32 square feet. A flat face loses its strength as it becomes larger and runs the risk of being blown out of the cabinet during strong winds, hurricanes, tornadoes.

Pan Faces:
Pan faces are an excellent alternative to flat faces. The face is vacuum formed to a depth of 1.5 ". This gives more than just a decorative appearance to the face, it adds strength and durability. You may order white pan faces and apply your own translucent vinyl or you may wish to have us back spray the artwork in translucent paints so it will come to you completely finished.

Pan Embossed Faces:
Pan embossed faces are similar to pan faces, but some or all of the copy may be raised. Dies are placed on top of the mold to create this effect. Embossed pans can cosmetically improve the appearance of the face as well as adding additional strength.

Flex Faces:
Flex faces are used for lighted signs that require extra stability from high winds or the size of the cabinet.   We suggest to use flex faces with any lighted sign over 4' x 8'.  Flex faces can be digitally printed and that gives you more options than a back-sprayed pan embossed face.  Most national chains only use flex faces for their lighted signs.

Quality Paint & Preparation Techniques:
All sign cabinets are treated with a light acid wash, disk sanded before painting to ensure the best adhesion and consistent coverage. We use the Mathews ® brand paint system--and in addition to offering a large stock of standard colors--can also create custom matched colors using our computer controlled mixing stations.

Standard Cabinet Type Options:
Single Face (Single Sided or Wall Sign/Can)
Double faced (Double Sided. Stand alone. Goes on the pole)

Standard Cabinet Pricing Includes:
U.L. Approved
Ballast & Wiring
On/Off Toggle
Aluminum Back (Only With Single Sided Cabinets)
Square Corners
Horizontal or Vertical Lamping (GE High Output Cool White Flourescent)

Standard Cabinet Upgrades:  (Radius Corners)
9" Radius
6" Radius

Standard Cabinet Extrusion Depths:

Mounting Methods:
Wall Mount - Best suited for hanging on wall or from overhang. Good for mounting onto base or into wall hollow.
Saddle Mount - Goes onto new pole sold with sign.
Wrap Around - Made to fit existing center pole.
Dual Poles (corner brackets) - Goes between existing pole structures.
Center Pole Mount (Stub & Rings) - includes an internal pole which fits into the top of an existing pole.
Plate Mount - Internal pole and plate match existing pole with plate top.
Cantilever - Resembles Highways signs hanging over the road.

Turn Around Times:
We offer fast turn around times with accurate project completion dates & first class signage.


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