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Fabric awnings are the most practical and economic way to improve appearance and elevate your customers’ curb appeal. You are now providing signage with dimensional impact and practical purpose like shelter and protection from the weather.  Fabric awnings are available in a wide variety of opaque and backlit fabrics.


Sometimes the projects calls for a classic approach. Whether it is lit with gooseneck lighting or with no lights at all, an opaque awning can be just as impactful.


Taking an awning and making your message or logo illuminate on the face of your awning is the eye-catching awning your customer needs. Let your Awning be seen at night as well as the daytime.

Custom Fabrication
U.L. Approved



Frame Construction

Our standard frames use 0.10″ aluminum extrusion to form its awnings.  It’s stronger and more durable than the 0.0625″ extrusion used by other awning makers, light in weight and easy to handle.

All welds are ground to eliminate sharp edges that could tear the fabric. Chrome aluminum aerosol is used to coat the weld and conceal any black carbon residue.

Optional Painted Finish

The aluminum frames can be painted for color matching or coordination with awning fabrics and existing building motif.  Matthews Painting System and can be matched to several popular paint brands or PMS numbers.

Fabric-to-Frame Attachment

Staple-in system for attaching the fabric to the frame for a tighter fit to the frame than other attachment methods.  The awning fabric is stretched onto its frame and stapled into a staple-groove formed in the frame extrusion.  Next, PVC trim is wedged into the staple groove-concealing the staples while creating a sharp, clean-line appearance.  Tighter fit means better durability since the fabric can’t buffet again the frame in high winds.  Your awnings last longer and stay looking great.

Awning Lighting

Choose from two ways to illuminate awnings. Choose durable integrated backlit configurations or external gooseneck fixtures.


Our standard backlit awnings installs double-lamp high output fixtures with daylight lamps in all backlit awnings. The lighting is highly durable and much brighter than cool white lamps ensuring maximum illumination, recognition, and impact.

Gooseneck Lighting

Standard awnings can be economically illuminated using gooseneck fixtures. Each fixture is custom fabricated to accept standard incandescent, compact fluorescent lamps, halogen, or chose metal halide for optimal lumen output with minimal energy use. Gooseneck lighting is available in a wide variety of colors with powder-coated finishes that stand up and stand out.


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Please email us at or call us at 540.239.7677 for our Pricing Plans for Bulk Orders.