Gemini, a family-owned company, is an industry leader in the wholesale manufacture of dimensional letters, logos and plaques.

Gemini manufactures its products in 20 plants throughout the US, Canada and Mexico.

We selected Gemini for our 3D Individual Letters & Logos because we want to provide the best products available to our clients.

We are an Authorized Reseller of Gemini products and services.

Lifetime Guarantee

These hand-finished pieces are manufactured by Gemini with quality assurance and tested to last a lifetime or Gemini will replace it for free.

Depth & Sizes

Standard Styles Height:  2″-48″

Custom Letters and Logos – Single Pieces up to 45″ x 68″.

Larger pieces can be made in sections.

Slight adjustments during the build process may occur, if the minimum stroke depth is not met.

Standard Styles + Custom

77 standard styles – plus nearly any custom style Letter or Logo to match your artwork. Flat, round, prismatic, sculpted, embossed options.

Plastic Letters & Logos