Please review the product page for specs on bleed and safe zones for your artwork.

Best Print File Formats:  Vector or 300 DPI Raster Scaled To Actual Size

Vector Formats:  PDF

Raster Formats:  TIFF & JPG

Please make sure to Convert All Fonts to Outlines.  We are not able to stock all fonts and this means the file you upload is not able to be prepped in most cases for the printing process.

Please make sure All Files are saved as CMYK unless it is otherwise specified to provide RGB print ready files.

Please DO NOT ADD CROP MARKS as they would be printed on your graphics in most cases.  Our software will create the cut paths for our automated cutters and routed based files.


Art Print Sizes (Vertical)

  • 8″w x 10″h
  • 9″w x 12″h
  • 12″w x 18″h
  • 12″w x 24″h
  • 16″w x 20″h
  • 18″w x 24″h (Best Seller)
  • 24″w x 24″h
  • 20″w x 30h”
  • 24″w x 36″h
  • 30″w x 40″h
  • 36″w x 36″h
  • 36″w x 48″h
  • 48″w x 60″h
  • 48″w x 72’h
  • 48″w x 96″h

Art Print Sizes (Horizontal)

  • 10″w x 8″h
  • 12″w x 9″h
  • 18″w x 12″h
  • 24″w x 12″h
  • 20″w x 16″h
  • 24″w x 18″h (Best Seller)
  • 24″w x 24″h
  • 30″w x 20h”
  • 36″w x 24″h
  • 40″w x 30″h
  • 36″w x 36″h
  • 48″w x 36″h
  • 60″w x 48″h
  • 72″w x 48’h
  • 96″w x 48″h

Coroplast & Yard Signs

  • 24″ w x 18″h (Coro & Yard Signs) (Most Common Size)
  • 36″ w x 24″ h (Coro & Yard Signs)
  • 24″ w 36″h (Signicade Inserts & Coro)
  • 36″ w x 36″ h (Coro)
  • 48″ w x 48″ h (Coro)
  • 48″ w x 72″ h (Coro)
  • 48″ w x 96″ h (Coro)


  • 24″ w x 18″h (Cut To Shape)
  • 24″ w 36″h (Cut To Shape)
  • 36″ w x 36″ h (Cut To Shape) (Most Common Size)
  • 36″ w x 48″ h (Cut To Shape)
  • 48″ w x 48″ h (Cut To Shape)
  • 48″ w x 72″ h (Cut To Shape)
  • 48″ w x 96″ h (Cut To Shape)

Oversized Checks

  • 36″ w x 18″h (Foamcore) (Most Common Size)
  • 48″ w 24″h (Foamcore)
  • 60″ w x 36″ h (Foamcore)
  • 72″ w x 48″ h ( (Foamcore)


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